Editor’s Letters

I’ve gotten many questions regarding the reason why Kid’s Play Magazine suspended publication. I thank everyone who has written or called to voice their question or concern. I continue to be blessed by the supportive community in which we live. Thank you to all of our readers for the past seven years. You guys rock!

Spring 2017

You’re holding the last Print issue of Kid’s Play Magazine. Our next issue, Summer 2017, will be completely online- featured on KidsPlayTC.com.

And, following that- Summer 2017 will be our last publication for the forseeable future. We will be suspending production of Kid’s Play Magazine after the Summer issue. We fully intend to go out with a grand finale- Summer 2017 will be everything you’ve always told us you love about the Summer issue here at Kid’s Play. We hear from many of you every year about how Kid’s Play is a big part of your summer planning- and we promise not to let you down. But we won’t be back for Fall 2017.


Lots of reasons. Most of them because it’s time for me to spend less time behind a computer screen and more time actually going and doing the cool stuff we print in these pages.

If you’ve been following our story here at Kid’s Play you know that the magazine is my 4th (and often most demanding) child. I started this baby from scratch seven years ago and have poured my heart and soul into it. It has become more successful than I ever could have imagined. I am so very grateful for that. You may also remember our announcement (and retraction) last year about my transitioning out of Kid’s Play- that transaction fell through, and I know it was for the best.

Some of you may also know me as “Mrs. Tomasino,” Director of the Pasco Classical Conversations program (a homeschooling/”hybrid-style” education program). I serve as the director for almost 40 kids and run a classically based education program that marries the best of homeschooling with a classroom experience. I’m proud to be a director who knows every kid’s name and tries to “get” their story.

Here’s the deal though- I can’t do both jobs, and be there for my own kids, and stay sane. We tried it- I’ve run around like a crazy person this past year. I’ve had a bunch of help on both sides, but this pace just isn’t sustainable. So we had to make a choice: I made the choice that I feel will be the best fit for my family. After many long conversations my husband and I decided to close the Kid’s Play chapter and focus on other ventures: our own kids first, then the CC community. While I regret the hole that Kid’s Play will leave in the community, I am sure someone else, someday, will come along and fill the need.

As I’ve made this decision I’ve been overwhelmed with a peace about the whole thing. I’m excited for MY three kids to actually get a summer this year (last summer mom worked A LOT). I’ve always made the observation that I spend all this time behind a computer pulling together events and calendars for the community, but rarely make it to any of them with my kids. That’s going to change this year. It’s time for a softer, kinder pace. We’re going to walk all the hiking trails, we’re going to visit the waterparks, we’re going to make it to the library every week, we’re going to sing along to concerts in the park- that’s the mom I want to be. It hurts to walk away from this, but I’m also pretty excited. I thank every one of you who has ever picked up and read Kid’s Play Magazine. I doubly thank those who participated in our model auditions, sent us feedback over the years, and told your friends about us. We are successful today because of you- thank you so much for your support.

So, you’ll hear from me one last time in June when our Summer e-issue goes live. Until then I have a challenge for you: think about what kind of parent you want to be, write it down, post it on the wall if you need to (I did)- and go for it! Our kids are only little once.

I hope to see you on the trails and in the museums this Spring.

Best wishes,


Summer 2017

First off, l just want to thank each and every one of you who have reached out to us this past quarter for your kind words and encouragement. It solidifies what an amazing community we live in. I’m grateful for the disappointment with kindness that you’ve communicated, and I’m thankful that so many of you understand where I’m coming from as I try to make more time and space for my family. For anyone just joining us, this is a reminder that there will not be a Fall 2017 issue of Kid’s Play.

I’ve realized this past issue though, that after Summer I will have a whole lot more time, but no idea of what is going on. We have past issues of Kid’s Play (and you have those too, here on the website) to look through and see what happened last year- but it will take researching each individual event, just like in the days before Kid’s Play started to figure out what is going on. So, someone needs to pick up the calendar idea and make one for me, please. 🙂

I am So. Very. Excited for this Summer. I share a lot of our ideas on the following pages, but I wanted to share one more tradition we have at our house- the whole “Morning Basket” or “Morning Time” concept as a wonderful way to “avoid summer learning loss” and keep the kids looking for books. I’ve shared before that I’m an (obsessive) planner, and we’re a homeschooling family. Other homeschooling families will recognize the Morning Time buzzword (it’s a pretty popular trend in the HS’ing circles). But anybody can do it.

Morning time is super simple- it’s a time for everybody to get together and do something in the morning/afternoon/whenever. I like to keep our time pretty un-fussy: We sing some silly songs to get my 3 year old engaged (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Monkeys on the Bed, just nursery rhyme songs), my 5 year old loves Mother Goose rhymes and silly poems so we read a couple of those, we do some mad libs and try to make them as goofy as possible (really sneaky way to get some language arts review!:), and we read a chapter book together, usually something the 8 year old really wants to read. Most days the kids spread legos all over the floor as I read and it makes me happy when they beg for “one more chapter.”The secret is in doing something everyone will enjoy (including the parent), and making this more fun and less “to do list.” And it’s not something we do every day- we just try to get to it a couple times a week, more often if there are complaints of boredom.

I’ve got my summer planned out (big shock:).

Here’s what we’re including in our summer basket: the summer vacation Mad Libs book, Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein (goofy kids poems), Wee Sing Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies to sing along with, a bunch of Frog and Toad books to keep the preschooler/kindergartener’s attention, and some chapter books. Depending on whether we read every day and how many chapters we get through I hope to read aloud: the original Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne, My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard Atwater, The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White, and Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink. I haven’t read the last two books before, but they come highly recommended- and supposedly the Caddie book is similar to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series (which I am tired of re-reading:).

So that’s what we’re doing. I hope you find some helpful ideas in the rest of these pages as well. I wish for a relaxing, renewing kind of summer for all of us.

Thank you again for taking this journey with us, you guys are the best.

Much love,

Jennifer Tomasino

(Added at last update Winter 2018)

Thank you again, friends, for your support of Kid’s Play, and your kindness in letting me step away. Suspending Kid’s Play has allowed for many positive changes for my little family and I still believe it is and was the right thing to do. I miss it, but I know I made the right decision for me and my kids. There is peace here. <3 ~Jen